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538 Dexter Lane Dawson Springs, Kentucky 42408
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The ultimate hunt


B3 Whitetails is a family-owned, no-kill-no-pay hunting service located in Western Kentucky. Beautiful hills, large bucks, and comfortable lodging make for one of the most memorable and exciting hunting experiences. B3 Whitetails LLC offers a full inclusive hunting experience in the Western Hills of Kentucky. This experience includes a No Kill - No Pay policy. A variety of trophy deer will be available in the hunting season. Tours are fully guided and packed full of wildlife action. The hills of Western Kentucky will provide you with beautiful scenery as you wait for the deer of a lifetime.

  • Deer in the forest
  • Two deer

An Unmatched Hunting Experience

With over 238 acres of land brimming with bucks and wildlife, B3 Whitetails LLC offers hunters an unmatched experience. Our policy is that you don't pay unless you kill, but with our thriving grounds, we're confident you'll walk away with plenty of game. Fellow hunters will tell you, our lands flourish with some of the biggest bucks around. Pair that with amazing lodging quarters nearby and a knowledgeable team committed to your ultimate hunting experience, and you'll see why B3 Whitetails LLC keeps hunters coming back year after year.

We are military and dva affiliated

Congratulations Crystal Snyder and Rachel Whisenhunt

They harvested a couple of our bruisers! 2 Arkansas ladies making it happen at B3!!!!


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